The Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) showcases the history, art and the cultural richness that resulted from the dispersal of Africans throughout the world. By realizing our mission MoAD connects all people through our shared African heritage.

Program Mission/Themes

With a robust schedule of exhibitions, education and public programs, MoAD generates and sustains a high level of public interest in and engagement among multigenerational and multicultural audiences both within and beyond the museum.


External Reach/Outreach

  • Be a primary resource for the curious, the knowledgeable and the seeker of knowledge about the culture, art and history of the African Diaspora.
  • Be the source of studies that reveal the social and cultural threads that link Africa to the modern African Diaspora and for what it teaches us about issues of relevance today to African Americans and people of African descent.
  • Be the bridge that connects all people throughout the world, one that fosters communication, sharing of knowledge, information and that promotes creative exchanges.
  • Be a Bay Area institution with national and international outreach.
  • Be responsive to and serve our local communities with programs and services that are affordable, accessible and relevant to their interests.

Program Goals and Impact

  • Be a repository and a resource where valuable archival materials and objects of material culture are collected, preserved and made publicly accessible.
  • Partner with local, national and international cultural and educational institutions in ways that are strategic, collaborative and mutually beneficial.
  • Be a venue and a forum for study and research and for the presentation of scholarship with a special emphasis on filling existing gaps in knowledge and addressing perceptions and information about the culture of Africa and of people of African descent worldwide.
  • Support, present, exhibit and document the works of cultural producers and practitioners locally and throughout the African Diaspora in ways that encourage experimentation, collaborations and innovation.
  • Nurture the skills and capabilities of young people by providing opportunities for training and for professional and personal growth.
  • Be a partner with parents, guardians and teachers by providing programs and family activities that are educational, enriching and fun and that support active learning, family participation and multigenerational engagement in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Use multiple and innovative outreach and educational strategies and delivery mechanisms in conveying the rich and complex stories of traditional and contemporary Africa and of African Diaspora history, culture and art.