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In December 2005 the Museum of the African Diaspora opened on Mission Street in the heart of San Francisco. The MoAD website has a longer history dating back to May of 2003.

MoAD uses the website as another vehicle to perform its mission of connecting to all people through the art, culture, and history of the African Diaspora. We view the Web site as an extension of the museum floor, a place where we can provide compelling experiences and unique opportunities for learning and personal growth.

To date, the site has drawn much of its content from the vestiges of the African Diaspora in the Bay Area. Looking forward, we will greatly expand the site’s vision and will strive to develop a global presence and audience.


Efforts have been made to make this site accessible. Portions of the site utilize Macromedia Flash, however this is not required to navigate or to view the vast majority of the site's content. In addition, some materials are posted in .pdf format. Please view our help page for more information about these technologies.

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