In a neighborhood where the cultural landscape is beginning to shift, more and more artists are in need of a space to cultivate new projects and strengthen relationships in their community. In this initiative, we hope to anchor the artistic richness and Black cultural communities of the Bayview.

Museum of the African Diaspora will provide studio space to artists to further their practice, create new works and collaborate with MoAD to present free, all-ages programming, including Open Studios every Sunday from 1pm to 5pm and art-making workshops. Through this new program, MoAD looks to support at least 3 artists over a 6-month via MoAD Artists-in-Residence – or MoAD A-i-R. This new, short-term residency program caters to emerging and established artists that exhibit a strong relationship to the Bayview/Hunter’s Point neighborhood and are in need for space to continue their practice.

Located just down the street from the historic Bayview Opera House, MoAD Artist-in-Residence program is housed on the ground floor of a residential complex on the northeast corner of 3rd St. and Kirkwood Avenue. A small portion of the space is used as a gallery, showcasing work in the window facing 3rd St while the main space’s design is open to the discretion of the selected artist to best suit their practice during the time they occupy the space.

Genevieve Leighton-Armah

We’re thrilled to present our July-August Artist-in-Residence, Genevieve Leighton-Armah.

Genevieve Leighton-Armah is a first generation, Bay Area native, a ten-year San Francisco resident and a longtime ally and supporter of historically black neighborhoods. She is an Academy Coordinator by trade and a disposable camera artist, capturing the unique beauty of the Bay Area – specifically in Bayview-Hunter’s Point.

At MoAD A-i-R, Genevieve Leighton-Armah will exhibit photographs of the Bayview that she has captured over the last few years while utilizing the space on a day-to-day basis to plan and manifest forthcoming projects. In addition to this, MoAD A-i-R will be transformed into a place for healing in the community via several workshops organized by Genevieve, with each week of her residency touching on one of four themes: music, creation, preparation and representation.

Week One (7/15 – 7/21): Healing through Music

Day 1: West African drum circle + workshop
Day 2: Live DJ yoga class

Week Two (7/22 – 7/28): Healing through Creation

Day 1: Open Sketch/Studio
Day 2: Vegan Cooking Demo

Week Three (7/29 – 8/4): Healing through Preparation

Day 1: Sandwich or Soup Giveaway 
Day 2: Friday Movie Night

Week Four (8/5 – 8/11): Healing through Representation

Day 1: BAYCAT Music Video Viewing + Panel: Mini BAYCAT Music Video festival + youth producer panel discussion
Day 2: BAYCAT Youth Showcase Preview Event

The closing reception for MoAD A-i-R will be held on August 12th, 1pm – 5pm.


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MoAD A-i-R is open every Sunday from 1pm-5pm.
Visit us at 4343 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94124


This project is made possible in part by the San Francisco Arts Commission.