Behind the Lens: A Peek Into MoAD’s Summer Program for Girls

(Okay, so sometimes they are in “front” of the lens too)

Every year we offer a summer “day-camp” program at the museum, Behind the Lens that focuses on educating girls of color about their role in the media and how to critically understand that role. This summer’s program focused on an intergenerational understanding of their own communities – the experiences of their mothers, aunts, sisters and grandmothers. These women are the mothers of the African Diaspora and it’s important to see what their eyes have seen and feel what their hearts have felt. As part of their research the girls explored and shared their own stories, teaching us about their experiences as young women in the contemporary African Diaspora.

The BTL Girls: Summer 2014

I can’t even begin to express how wonderful the BTL girls were. It was a pleasure having their energy flow throughout the museum – especially when the staff felt bogged down by the middle of the day. I was lucky enough to spend time with all the girls and find out what they enjoyed most about BTL. These girls cracked me up: they were witty, charismatic and super tech savvy! In the program, they learned how to use the technology and social media sites they were so well versed in, to think and post critically about what it means to be a young black woman in the contemporary African Diaspora. It was only fitting that their final project be a blog that discussed a diverse range of issues. Wonderful.

BTL Coordinator, Indiia Wilmott is an Inspiration

indiia btl

Indiia Wilmott

BTL coordinator, Indiia Wilmott, helped each girl find her special voice on the blog; some girls wrote movie reviews, some wrote essays on blackness and some even wrote poetry! Indiia explains that,

“our hope with Behind the Lens is that we inspire our girls not only to look at social media, reality television, magazines and other media with a critical eye, but also create or share content that they want to see and that they want others to see.”

Although the program focused on improving the girl’s writing skills, it also involved tons of field trips and activities. These girls are just radiating with talent – we can’t wait to see what they do next! You should take the time to check out their blog:

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