Coffee, Rhum, Sugar, & Gold by Poet Nia McAllister

All that glitters is not Granular.







Honey luck made gold sings

sweet sweat upon mahogany skin.

How else to reap a well irrigated revolution? 


There is nothing soft about the way power

chokes the air before it reaches the lung,

poisons the earth,

races the water back to its broken home

—silences the hesitant revolt.


All that glitters was never meant to leave the ground.


The earth remembers how it’s been





Plucked, dried, spread thin

be it coffee or brown skin

harvest comes just the same.


All that glitters does not leave without a trace.


When colonia cries out the same coins will answer.

Swap territory for colony

and the coins will sing business as usual.


Empire sounds better

to the tune of sugar coated hymns and

Justice stays lying in a pool of its own promises.


Living at the intersection of blackness, womanhood, art, and activism, Nia McAllister is a Bay Area born poet, avid reader, and environmental justice advocate who hosts the monthly open mic at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. She is also MoAD’s Visitor Experience Manager.

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