Introducing: MoAD’s Bayview Artist-in-Residence Program

Open Studios 1-5pm on Sundays

4343 Third Street, San Francisco

MoAD will provide studio space to artists to further their practice, create new works and collaborate with MoAD to present free, all-ages programming, including Open Studios every Sunday from 1pm to 5pm and art-making workshops. Through this new program, MoAD looks to support at least 3 artists over a 6-month via MoAD Artists-in-Residence – or MoAD A-i-R. This new, short-term residency program caters to emerging and established artists that exhibit a strong relationship to the Bayview/Hunters Point neighborhood and are in need for space to continue their practice.

Chris Burch & Chris Martin

Located just down the street from the historic Bayview Opera House, MoAD Artist-in-Residence program is housed on the ground floor of a residential complex on the northeast corner of 3rd St. and Kirkwood Avenue. A small portion of the space is used as a gallery, showcasing work in the window facing 3rd St while the main space’s design is open to the discretion of the selected artist to best suit their practice during the time they occupy the space.

The first two residents of the MoAD A-i-R program are San Francisco based visual artists, Christopher Burch and Chris Martin. Martin has worked in the Bayview through collaborations with the Bayview Opera House and the Third Street Village Gallery. Christopher Burch holds many roles in his community as an artist, event organizer, and educator and was also the most recent recipient of the BayviewLIVE 2017 Visual Arts Competition. Martin and Burch were chosen by MoAD’s exhibition team as the initial artists in residence due to their need for space and having seen their collaborative work at Third Street Village Gallery and their efforts in the Blackmail Collective.


Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is an artist, event organizer, and educator based in San Francisco CA and St. Louis MO. He received the Painting Fellowship for his graduate studies at the San Francisco Art Institute (MFA 2008) and is a graduate of Columbia College with a BFA in 2002.  He worked with The St. Louis Freedom Schools as a program coordinator and arts instructor from 2000 to 2002. From 2004 to 2006 he worked as curriculum developer for the Center of Creative Arts (COCA) in St. Louis Mo creating several yearlong educational/residence programs within four St. Louis public schools.  In 2008 to 2009 he worked for the East Oakland School of the Arts (EOSA).

In the course of his education work Burch was a board member, from 2002-2006, of a community based arts Organization in St. Louis MO, entitled Art Dimensions. 2008 to 2010, in San Francisco, he co-curated an independent arts series entitled “The Other Side of a Smile.” Starting in 2008 and continuing to this day he has organized several ongoing underground music/community-building residencies in San Francisco entitled “Gumbo Experiment” and “Unbroken Circle.”  Currently, Burch is working on several large-scale public works/ educational programs that explore personal myth making and the re-imagining of identity, entitled ‘Reflective Mythologies: Portraits Re-mixed.” He is also a founding member of The Screwed Arts collective whose architecturally scaled improvisation wall drawings have been exhibited at the Regional Arts Commission in St, Louis MO, The World Chess Hall of Fame St, Louis Mo and The Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts Grand Rapids MI.

Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin is a southern-raised artist from North Carolina and is currently based in San Francisco.

Through his work, Martin tells the story of a young man coming from the South. While attending school at North Carolina A&T for graphic design, Martin was prone to create hand cut and sewn banners with logo-like images to tell a story relevant to his own culture and history. With cotton representing the toil/labor of those captured in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Martin’s tapestry pieces reflect the modern-day experience of the African diaspora.

His work continues in this medium alongside many other freelance positions like graphic design, photography, videography & teaching art classes/workshops throughout San Francisco. Martin has previously exhibited work at Naming Gallery, First Amendment Gallery and Guerrero Gallery.

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