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With each book that is read knowledge is obtained for oneself, but it is what we do next that matters most. Exchanging personal experiences and understandings of our social world can unmask truths along one’s own journey for a more practical awareness to everyday occurrences and understanding our surroundings. We are happy to present a book each month suggested by the community and within the store to unmask the complexities of each anecdote. Narratives from the pop culture world, community members and intellectuals give insight to the interconnectedness within the diaspora, introduced through our monthly reads with MoAD.  

Grace Jones Cover

In I’ll Never Write My Memoirs by Legendary performer, Grace Jones, offers a revealing account of her spectacular career and turbulent life, charting the development of a persona that has made her one of the world’s most recognizable artists.

Jones early years sculpted her to be the fearless, unapologetic artist she is today. She writes “I came out my mother feet first. I arrived kicking and pissed off, sticky with fury, soaked to the skin”. Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Jones roots are shown in the first few chapters yet she feels distant from the island through the blinding effects of religion and the bible as a weapon of colonial rule. Art was Miss Jones muse, her escape from the crippling demands of society and to be free, her truest form. From modeling, to the big screen, music and memoirs, Jones is a trend-setter to the pop culture world. An icon.

“Even death won’t stop me. It never has. You can find images of me from centuries ago. Faces that look like mine carved in wood from ancient Egypt […] I have been around for a long time, heart pounding, ready to pounce on my prey […] tripping, grieving, loving, hunting, conquering, seducing, fighting, dreaming, laughing, and I always will be.”

IMG_1323 (1)Inside Grace Jones 2

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