MoAD Gala Kicks off Our Reopening

The MoAD Gala was more than just a night to remember, it was a night that marked the emergence of the renewed MoAD. The evening was truly magical; the Four Seasons looked like a scene from a fairytale, all the guests were dressed like princes and princesses and there was a whimsical buzz in the air. Our Executive Director Linda Harrison has given MoAD a dose of her vibrant energy and shared that energy with all of our guests at the gala. She passionately asserted that “MoAD is a necessary part of culture in San Francisco” and we must continue to support MoAD and similar institutions.

moad gala dining?

This was the first gala in several years that was officially taken on by the MoAD staff, which is understandably, an enormous project to undertake. Luckily, we had Linda Harrison, at the helm, guiding and encouraging us along the way. I can speak for everyone at MoAD when I say that it was 100% worth it. It was a treat to get to see the MoAD staff get all dolled up for an event. Everyone was, to say the least, stunning beyond belief! Now these ladies and gentlemen are typically very stunning people and all work incredibly hard for the museum on a daily basis, but at the gala, they were something else. Although the Gala has come and gone, we are still here, busy prepping for our big relaunch in December – a perfect way to top off MoAD 2.0!

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