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The three works in this exhibition are titled “Lonbraj mwen se kouwon mwen” 1, 2, and 3. In English the title translates to “My shadow is my crown.” The three works bring back the carved eye motif which originated in my work about 4 years ago and which I’m continuing to investigate. The eyes allow the bodies in my paintings to literally gaze back at the viewer just as intently and to potentially extend beyond the singular body. They establish an opaque circuit of looking between my characters and the viewer.

These paintings image three individual figures on three panels seemingly engaged in an obscure relationship with their shadows. Metaphorically pointing the way history and cultural production functions in the Caribbean, their history—evidenced by their shadows—is omnipresent. Both antagonistic and soothing, terrifying and affirming. Simultaneously seductive and beguiling.

Evidenced in the obscure edges—more than previous paintings these three works attempt to blur the boundaries between the bodies and their environs. This is an attempt to think of Caribbean geography as a body in an of itself enmeshed with the corporeal history of Caribbean people both at home and in the diaspora.


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