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The Tongue On The Blade was inspired by altars, avatars, ritual objects and ideographic writing systems. My work centers itself around the idea of reinvention, resistance, ancestral spirituality, and the sense of agency one can access through the celebration of emotional intelligence, soulful codifications based in “‘community-consciousness” and chromosomes as carriers of information akin to digital codes. The cosmology of my creative process is, in part, informed by the seminal Afro-diasporic cultures set forth by the maroons in the Americas. My piece is, in part, an ode to the visionary Afro-Cuban visionary artist, leader and insurgent activist named Jose Antonio Aponte, My creative inquiry emerges out of the idea that specific objects are charged with a spiritual identity and an energy which tends to radiate a particular presence in terms that are personal, cultural, and historical linked to the African diaspora and associated with symbolic and metaphoric materials including coffee, gold seed-beads, seashells and miscellaneous.



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