Thea Matthews: Poets Corner

Welcome to MoAD Poet’s Corner, a space where our network of poets speak to their place in the African Diaspora as it exists today. The poets featured in this series are connected to MoAD through our MoAD Lit programs, which includes Poets-in-Residence, Third Thursday Open Mic, and Authors in Conversation. Here is a space where you can nourish your soul, feel inspired, and relish in the words that narrate the African Diaspora. In the words of the late, Toni Morrison at her Nobel Prize address, “We die. That may be the meaning of life.  But we do language.  That may be the measure of our lives.”


Artist Statement:
Thea Matthews (she/her) is a Black Indigenous Mexican American poet / scholar / activist who writes on the complexities of humanity, grief, and resiliency. For her, poetry serves as a means to validate Truth. The act of writing poetry a solitary act of collaboration with Spirit, Self, and fellow poets she comes across via an open mic, a literary reading, a book found in the free bin at a local book store, or on a free table, as well as those she deeply admires– June Jordan, Pat Parker, Jericho Brown, Janice Mirikitani, Cassandra Dallet, and others. Through her poetry, experience is validated, the unseen is seen, the unheard is heard. Thea converses with the world in poetry, shedding silence to vulnerable topics, such as child sexual abuse. She explores themes of self-affirmation, reclamation of power, and Love as an armor to violence. In her poetry, she divulges personal accounts of enduring, surviving, and transcending sexual violence. She also illustrates her observations and experiences of systemic oppression, as well as its impact of class, addiction, and homelessness on her communities.

Born and raised in San Francisco, CA Thea Matthews is an emerging poet, scholar, and activist. She earned her BA in Sociology at UC Berkeley where she studied and taught June Jordan’s program Poetry for the People. A seasoned performer of spoken word, she also poems published in the Atlanta Review, Foglifter, The Rumpus, For Women Who Roar magazine, and others. She is a contributing author in anthologies Still Here San Francisco (Foglifter Press 2019) and Love WITH Accountability: Digging up the Roots of Child Sexual Abuse (AK Press 2019). Currently, she is working on getting her first full-length collection of poetry Unearth [The Flowers] published, and extending her chapbook Grim(e) into her second full-length.

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