EAP Open House:

May 30 @ 6pm
June 19 @ 6pm


DEADLINE: July 1, 2018

Please read through carefully, as some of the information regarding the Emerging Artist Program has changed for the 2018-2019 round.

The Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) is thrilled to announce that registration for the fourth annual Emerging Artists Program (EAP) is now open. The EAP is a call for artists to submit a proposal for a solo exhibition of to be shown in the MoAD for approximately 6 weeks. This opportunity is open to Bay Area residents only.

About MoAD:

The Museum of the African Diaspora is a contemporary art museum that celebrates Black cultures, ignites challenging conversations, and inspires learning through the global lens of the African Diaspora. With a focus spanning across history, beginning at the origin of human existence to the contemporary African Diaspora that continues to influence communities and cultures around the world, MoAD showcases the art, history, and culture resulting from the migration of people of African descent. Through our mission and shared African heritage, MoAD connects all people.

Via the Emerging Artists Program, MoAD aims to foster local, Bay Area artists both emerging and mid-career and intend to amplify the professional and artistic development opportunities available to chosen participants.

Since the initiation of the program three years ago, we have provided California artists the opportunities to generate and exhibit works reflecting the cultural and artistic richness of the African Diaspora in a dynamic gallery setting. You can view previous EAP winners in the Previous Emerging Artists section.

Competitive proposals will present innovative artworks to activate the Salon, a multipurpose space in the heart of the museum where we hold public programs, education workshops, and events. 

Four final artists and/or collectives will be chosen to participate in the Emerging Artists Program. Each selected artist or group will have a 6-week long exhibition in addition to a 2 hour long celebratory opening reception, which includes an artist talk.

All applicants will be notified by July 27, 2018, of the status of their application. EAP finalists will be notified of their exhibition dates and will have approximately one week to confirm participation. Then, artists will then work with the exhibitions team at the museum to finalize and prepare work.

Selected artists will be announced to the public in August 2018.

EAP exhibition dates*:

Exhibition #1 – September 19, 2018 through November 4, 2018
Exhibition #2 – November 11, 2018 through December 23, 2018
Exhibition #3 – May 8, 2019 through June 22, 2019
Exhibition #4 – July 1, 2019 through August 13, 2019

*Due to the need to accommodate a large exhibition Spring of 2019, the exhibition lengths during this round of EAP are slightly shorter than previous exhibitions. These dates are subject to change.

We will hold two information sessions to review the application process, tour the gallery and answer any questions applicants may have. These sessions will be held on May 30 and June 19 at 6pm in the MoAD salon.


What we are looking for:

We currently accept paintings, mixed media, photographs, and ready-to-hang-sculptures along with other kinds of 2D and 3D visual art. Each chosen participant is expected to design a video component to accompany their exhibition.

Applicants from all backgrounds that represent the Bay Area’s multifaceted communities are encouraged to apply. We welcome artists with any and all relationships to the African Diaspora to apply as EAP is not limited to race & ethnicity, class, gender & gender identity, sexual orientation or (dis)ability.

Four guiding themes of MoAD

Origins. We look at the African roots of contemporary social, artistic and cultural forms of expression and practices that define the modern Diaspora.

Movement. Our programs trace the social, cultural, and artistic threads of diaspora defining movements through various forms of art.

Adaptation. We explore the variety of ways adaptation occurs, through creative reinvention, innovation and cultural resiliency.

Transformation. We look at how people of African descent have forged new identities, defined their place, and made their mark on new societies and communities.
The Exhibition Space
The Emerging Artist Program exhibition will be featured in our Salon which is the primary space for MoAD’s public programming. When submitting your exhibition proposal, we strongly suggest being mindful of your installation design as any pieces that impede on the floor space will likely have to be adjusted per event and could potentially interfere with the integrity of your initial design. We strongly encourage you to visit our museum, view the space, and familiarize yourself with the mission and programming of MoAD before submitting an exhibition proposal.

The Selection
Our curatorial selection panel will include local arts professionals, artists and MoAD staff to select from complete applications of current or proposed work for the space.  The jurors will be announced in August 2018.

Deadlines & Dates

Submission Deadline July 1, 2018
Artist Notification July 24, 2018
Artwork Drop Off TBD, based on exhibition dates                                                                                                                                  

Exhibition Dates*                                                                                                                                                                                          Exhibition #1 – September 19, 2018 through November 4, 2018
Exhibition #2 – November 11, 2018 through December 23, 2018
Exhibition #3 – May 8, 2019 through June 22, 2019
Exhibition #4 – July 1, 2019 through August 13, 2019


Exhibition Provides (for each show)

Preparation – Painting and wall repair
Installation – Art handler (1 day installation) and hanging supplies
Reception – with refreshments for each exhibition
Curatorial Mentorship – Consultation with Exhibition Department to help plan, develop and design exhibition
Marketing Materials – Electronic and print postcard invitation, including: designing, printing, editing
Honorarium – An honorarium of $1000 will be given to each selected artist or collective


How to make your submissions: 

Entry Application– Slideroom submission process

Application Fee: $30.00

Link: https://moadsf.slideroom.com/#/permalink/program/40114/vL1zKRnbZ5

Including the following:

Working title of exhibition.

Two exhibition statements. Descriptions explaining how your work addresses the diaspora. How does your work reflect or engage with ideas concerning the African Diaspora? (100 words and 700 words)

Artist statement. A summary giving a general introduction to your practice and body of work. (100 words)

Images of proposed work and work in progress. We will accept 4 to 10 jpgs, video links to YouTube and Vimeo, or weblinks to images or projects.
NOTE: Most images should be sized at least 600×800 pixels, 72dpi.


Image Checklist. A listing of proposed works for the exhibition describing each sample image/video– include artist name, title of work, medium, dimensions, and date. Works may still be in progress, but must be listed.


Installation Description. A detailed description and plan for your project including rough dimensions and any special hardware or rigging requirements.

Brief resume or C V. A listing of previous exhibitions, education and awards.


Refer to our gallery map for size and depth restrictions due to space requirements.



  1. Entry is only accepted through the official Slideroom application.
  2. Entry does not guarantee inclusion in the exhibition.
  3. Artworks are insured by MoAD for a maximum of $15,000 from the time they enter the gallery until they leave.
  4. Arrangements and expenses for shipping/delivery/retrieval are the responsibility of the artist.
  5. All non-installation artworks must arrive/be delivered “ready to hang.” Please note that artist must be on-site for at least one day during installation period.
  6. Any art left at MoAD for over one month will be deemed abandoned by artist.


  1. Artist releases MoAD from any and all claims and demands of any kind regarding damage or injuring during delivery to and from MoAD.
  2. Gallery visitors may take photographs of artwork for non- commercial purposes at MoAD. Artist agrees to allow MoAD to photograph and repurpose images of artworks for publicity and educational purposes.
  3. The Salon is a multipurpose space in which food and drink can be served. It may be rented out for private events and programs during and after normal opening hours.


The Artist is responsible for securing, arranging, and paying for cost of transportation and delivery of the art to MoAD. The Artist is also responsible for securing, arranging, and paying for cost of transportation of return of the works. MoAD insures the work under general liability during the run of the exhibition. Any art left at MoAD more than 90 days after notice by MoAD to Artist to recover the Work will be deemed abandoned by artist. Artist releases MoAD from any and all claims and demands of any kind regarding damage or injury during delivery to and from MoAD.

Artist contact information (email address, telephone) is only held for the purpose of contacting selected artists. All artist emails are added to our future events announcement email list. If you do not wish to be on the email list click the unsubscribe button when you receive the first announcement and your email will be automatically deleted.

By submitting works to the Emerging Artists Program, artists agrees to the guidelines set forth herein.

Questions and additional information:

Soleil Summer, Exhibitions Associate. (415) 638-6891 or email [email protected]


This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and our 2017 Afropolitan Ball Emerging Artist Donors: Karen Jenkins-Johnson & Kevin Johnson, Toni Rembe & Arthur Rock, Beryl & James Potter, Kent Caldwell-Meek, Wanda & Karl Cole-Frieman, Suzy Jones, and David Packard.