Five exhibitions now on view


In the Artist’s Studio is a monthly program inviting MoAD audience members to join us in visiting some of our favorite artists in their studios to see what they’re currently working on. We follow all talks with an audience Q&A.

Cinque Mubarak is a Creative Director and photographer based in Oakland, CA. He creates work that uplifts and empowers his community by capturing his people in a real and genuine light, as they are. He also ventures into the surreal to communicate the intangible. His recent projects include Clay, a series that explores a rewriting of time and an exploration into the dimension where self-love lies within the web of Black consciousness. Mubarak also created a piece entitled Ineffable Mythology, Downtown Oakland’s first photo mural, which stands 40 ft tall and addresses the myriad of incomprehensible traumas in Black America. Cinque has exhibited his artwork across the Bay Area, including Pt. 2 Gallery, Jessica Silverman Gallery, the 3rd Street Village Gallery, and ELL-SF Gallery.

Generous funding for this program is provided by the Westridge Foundation.