Jan 27, 2016-Apr 03, 2016

MoAD Emerging Artists presents Cheryl Patrice Derricotte


Cheryl Patrice Derricotte pays homage to Fred Wilson’s Mining the Museum by “mining the library” (the British Library) for images related to the global slave trade. This show includes approximately 20 works that reveal images of people from African descent who come from diverse locales and were involved in the slave trade.
Images of slave ships and oceans reveal how the art and culture of the African people have been dispersed all over the world. The exhibit will include portraits of enslaved people from the Diaspora, ships, oceans and botanical illustrations of cotton, which was a central crop to the institution of slavery and the basis of much of the early craft art.

Originally from Washington D.C., Derricotte is a visual storyteller who currently resides in Oakland, Calif. She holds a MFA from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) and has been awarded Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass’ Inaugural Visionary Scholarship and a D.C. Commission on the Arts & Humanities /National Endowment for the Arts Artist Fellowship Grant. She’s exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts and the San Francisco Airport Museum.

Emerging Artists Program

Cheryl Patrice Derricotte is one of two San Francisco Bay Area artists selected among 45 applicants for the opportunity to exhibit at MoAD in 2016.

Applicants submitted works that address the cultural and artistic richness of the African Diaspora which elaborated on MoAD’s four themes: origins, movement, adaptation and transformation. Derricotte is the second artist to exhibit in the museum’s multipurpose artwork space in the Salon gallery.