Dec 03, 2014-Apr 05, 2015

Lava Thomas

A two-part exhibition that weaves together early and new works in a way that the old becomes the new and the new an echo of the old

Beyond is a two-part exhibition that weaves together early and new works by West Coast artist, Lava Thomas. In artworks created since the early 1990s, Thomas approaches both a physical and spiritual ‘beyond’—exploring the accepted limits by which we define ourselves, our bodies, and our histories, and then considering what might lie just outside those limits. Incorporating drawing, photography, sculpture, and installation, Beyond represents a meditation on the cyclical passage of time that is equally informed by science and faith, the tangible and the mysterious.

Thomas draws our attention to a wide range of approaches to 
the body, making reference to Victorian funerary practices, the anatomical certainties of the modern-day operating table, and 
an emphasis on hair as a powerful signifier of identity. The artist’s recent series of digitally generated portraits of clouds suggests both the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ and a vision of 21st century existence within a floating ‘cloud’ of data. Ultimately, Thomas uses our breadth of collective and individual physical experience as a point of departure from which to consider not only the world as we know it, but that which might lie beyond.

Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins, Guest Curator


lavathomas-cloudsSelection from Cloudscape Portraits, 2014, Pigment Prints

Hysterectomy10Hysterectomy I, 1999, Ceramic, Fabric, Wood and Metal