Jun 20, 2018-Aug 26, 2018

MoAD Emerging Artists presents summer mason


Presented as an immersive installation, LA-born filmmaker summer mason’s short essay film Gemini explores personal narratives through familial representations. Navigating the balancing act of femininity and masculinity, this exhibition interrogates the dissonances and continuities of one’s perception of themselves and the authentic self.

Filmed primarily in Oakland, CA, each scene presents an intimate portrait, reflecting a pivotal moment in mason’s personal relationships. mason pairs this imagery with a collage of audio from a myriad of films including This is Jimi Hendrix (1973), Dirty Dancing (1987), and Crooklyn (1994) as well as vocals from English punk band, X-Ray Spex.

Through Gemini, mason parallels the negotiated black masculinity of these cultural personas with their own reflection on the process of understanding their own queer identity as shaped by important figures in their life.

This exhibition is dedicated to their younger self.
Original score by Imogen Teasley-Vlautin
Songs featured by Moonbow and Kohinoorgasm

This exhibition was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Foundation for Contemporary Art Emergency Grant.
Special thanks to our 2017 Afropolitan Ball Emerging Artists donors:
Karen Jenkins-Johnson & Kevin Johnson, Toni Rembe & Arthur Rock, Beryl & James Potter, Kent Caldwell-Meeks, Wanda & Karl Cole-Frieman, Byron Rhett & Andrea Baker, Suzy Jones, and David Packard