Legacy of Philanthropy

Jewelle Taylor Gibbs, Ph.D & James Lowell Gibbs, Jr., Ph.D
Peggy Woodford Forbes & Harry Bremond

In recognition of their faithful support of MoAD in these first ten years: having the dream, helping to create the vision that became MoAD and their continued support in the future. Their personal, professional and philanthropic contributions make them passionate and effective change agents in all communities they touch.

Visionary Leader in the Performing Arts

CCH Pounder

In recognition of her outstanding career on stage, in film and television. Guyanese-born CCH Pounder was a founding member of Artists for a New South Africa, which joined the voices of actors and artists to energize awareness of the post-apartheid and HIV/AIDS issues. She also co-founded the Musée Boribana in Dakar, Senegal, for the study of cultures of the African diaspora, with her husband, anthropologist Boubacar Kone.

Distinguished Contemporary Artist

Mickalene Thomas

In recognition of her significant contributions to contemporary art. With critical engagement in notions of beauty and biography, her pieces question the conceived traditional boundaries of sexuality, femininity and black womanhood and exemplify the necessity of art within our communities.