Bruce Fowler


24 x 30 inches
Acrylic on canvas with wooden frame

“Art is my cure.” – Bruce Fowler

“For the last 20 years, I’ve had total freedom to express my thoughts and feelings in a positive way that I wasn’t capable of before my incarceration. With each painting, I am now able to heal myself by opening up emotions I locked away so long ago. In 2018, my version of a sun incarcerated was featured on the CBS Sunday Morning show with Ted Koppel. My inspirations come from internal struggles that haunt me, places I dream of escaping to, and people I admire, which led me to paint Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She suffered terrible losses and conquered unimaginable odds to become the most powerful women in America—a woman I have great respect for. I am honored to have the opportunity to paint her; this is coming from the most unlikely admirer.” – Bruce Fowler

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