MoAD in the Classroom (MIC) is an arts-based, visual literacy and cultural studies program for third grade classrooms located in the San Francisco Bay Area. A MoAD Educator makes two trips to the classroom and the students make two visits to the museum. While in the classroom, MoAD Educators teach students about museum themes, current exhibitions, and visual arts vocabulary. During the museum visits, students view current art exhibitions, learn how to view and talk about art, and participate in hands-on art activities.

Following the initial classroom and museum visits, each class participates in four supplementary classroom visits from teaching artists, during which students complete project-based artwork, serving as a summative evaluation of what students learned throughout the program. As a culminating event, students display and present their work to peers, family members, and other stakeholders beyond the classroom.

‪”My class had the opportunity to learn about the elements of art in a much more effective and fun way than I could ever do in my classroom. My students in general do not have the means or opportunity to visit museums. Their only opportunity is really through school field trips.

This program was unique in that there was a lot of follow-up, particularly with the classroom visits. This created a much more valuable learning experience. My students are now using academic language in talking about art, and this is really where we want our students to go as we engage in common core.”
— Third Grade Teacher

Program Impact

MoAD partnered with Public Profit in the 2016-17 program year to evaluate MIC. With a focus on positive youth development and youth experience, we collaborated to develop a Theory of Change for the program (Figure 1); that youth who participate in high quality arts programs experience benefits, including expanded arts vocabulary and understanding of art concepts, increased confidence in creating, talking about, and connecting with art.

Figure 1. MoAD in the Classroom Theory of Action

Figure 1. MoAD in the Classroom Theory of Action


Evaluation results revealed that:

  • Program observations captured high quality practices being implemented consistently, particularly as staff provided a safe and supportive environment for youth.
  • 100% of classroom teachers reported that MIC instructors really care about their students and that their students are given opportunities to contribute their ideas to the group.
  • 96% of classroom teachers said that MIC instructors listen to what youth have to say and are aware of their classroom norms around safety.
  • 96% of classroom teachers said that their students are given opportunities to explore ideas and create their own artwork and that because of MoAD in the Classroom their students have the opportunity to learn about art.

For more information, please refer to the complete evaluation findings report here.


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MoAD in the Classroom is sponsored by

Wells Fargo, US Bank Foundation, Verizon, and The Institute of Museum & Library Services, Gap, Do a Little Foundation