Closing Remarks

Slavery did not create racism, it merely generated the excuse to legitimize racism into the national consciousness. We are still living with the legacy of slavery. For people’s attitude are shaped by the commonly held beliefs of their society, that is one of the reasons this presentation is so important.

The slave narratives not only document where we were one hundred and fifty years ago, but they identify where, unfortunately, some of us remain today. As human beings we have to recognize slavery as a system that is based on the absence of justice, and further accept that that there is no justification that validate it. It is imperative that we remember the myths and stereotypes, that some of us hold close to our hearts, even today.

Since we all care about justice, let us all speak out against bigotry and slavery, where ever they threaten human beings throughout the world. Hopefully this exhibit will compliment your ongoing search for knowledge, more knowledge and more knowledge, and it will help you become vigilant and fight against injustice in the future.

Narration by Maya Angelou