Learn more about Bayview-Hunters Point

Check out these online resources to find more information about the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhoods discussed by this volume’s participants.

Gilman Park Festival 1969

KPIX Eyewitness News report from October 18, 1960 by Paul Lockwood in San Francisco, featuring a racial harmony festival in Gilman Park (Hunter’s Point).

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Bayview-Hunters Point  Documentary 1969

KRON-TV Assignment Four documentary film which aired on October 5, 1969, about poverty, racism, urban renewal and community action in San Francisco’s Hunters Point neighborhood.

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James Baldwin Visits Bayview 1963

KQED’s mobile film unit follows author and activist James Baldwin in the spring of 1963, as he’s driven around San Francisco to meet with members of the local African-American community.

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A History of San Francisco Public Housing

“Architecture itself will never eradicate poverty or any aspect of it simply because it is not meant to.” From Josh Alperin’s FoundSF.org essay on the history of public housing in San Francisco.

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Cut Off?

“I once stood on a hill, overlooking Double Rock with a 10-year-old — he saw the lights downtown, and said, “There’s San Francisco,’ ” recalled Ed Shepperd, who supervises San Francisco Educational Services afterschool programs for the children of Double Rock.

“I tried to make him understand that this was the same city…” said Shepperd. “But then I realized he was right. Down there was a whole… different place.”

From a 1995 San Francisco Chronicle article about the Alice Griffith Housing Projects (aka “Double Rock.”) When many of the subjects interviewed for this volume (e.g., Catie Hawkins-Okorie) discuss the ongoing challenges faced by the Black communities of Bayview after the uprising, they are talking about this era.

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Quake Zones

This image shows the locations of San Francisco’s original waterways (blue) and areas of landfill (pink) that are subject to “liquefaction” (behaving like a fluid instead of a solid) in the event of a powerful earthquake. Significant parts of Bayview-Hunters Point is built on landfill. This KQED Science blog outlines some of the issues of San Francisco’s human-made geology.

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