Randolph James

Randolph James grew up in Bayview, and lives there to this day. As a young black man, he watched his friends and neighbors dare to dream of a better future. Now, he’s making an effort to ensure that the youth of today don’t have to experience the same struggles he and his peers did.


Randolph James

67 years old
San Francisco native
Community advocate

A young man hopes for a brighter future

Growing up, Randolph remembers that Bayview was a good place to be. Families got along, and worked hard to try and elevate themselves. He recalls spending time in the neighborhood, hanging out in front of Frosty City or at the gym with friends, and catching the bus downtown.

As young black people started demanding better treatment, however, racism, drugs, and conflict began to destroy the community Randolph loved. With tension between cops and black citizens high, the shooting of Matthew Johnson sparked a fire that led to the infamous 3rd Street riots.

Now, Randolph wants to give hope to the youth of Bayview. He doesn’t want to see young people beaten down by a broken system — he wants to see change. Hear more about Randolph’s passion for Bayview, and the history behind it.

“I can see the beauty in the Bayview. I can also see the underlying prejudice.”