Our Mission

MoAD, a contemporary art museum, celebrates Black cultures, ignites challenging conversations, and inspires learning through the global lens of the African Diaspora

Our Focus

Our focus spans the African Diaspora across history, from the diaspora at the origin of human existence through the contemporary African Diaspora that has affected communities and cultures around the world.

Our Themes

We explore four broad themes in our exhibitions and programming: Origin, Movement, Adaptation, and Transformation.


Life began in Africa. We examine our shared African ancestry from both a historic and contemporary perspective. We look at the African roots of contemporary social, artistic and cultural forms of expression and practices that define the modern Diaspora.


Movement is central to the diaspora. We explore the migrations of Africans to the New World via the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and the contemporary African Diaspora that has happened since. Our programs trace the social, cultural, and artistic threads of these movements through music, dance, visual arts, crafts, religion, cosmology, food culture, folklore — and much more.


With movement comes change. We examine the modern forms of cultural expressions that emerged from the African Slave trade, and the continuing adaptation of African traditions, beliefs, and practices. Our programs explore the variety of ways adaptation occurs, through creative reinvention, innovation and cultural resiliency.


Transformation creates new ways of being in the world. We explore the ongoing transformation of the African Diaspora within the United States and across the globe. We look at how people of African descent have forged new identities, defined their place, and made their mark on new societies and communities.