MoAD Teens 2024

This dynamic five-week program seamlessly blends structured learning with hands-on, paid work experience to empower aspiring young arts professionals on their path to success.

Key Dates

Applications are open – the deadline has been extended through March 10th, so apply today!

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Application deadline EXTENDED: March 10th, 2024

Program dates: July 2, 2024 – August 1, 2024

Program days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Program hours: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Program Highlights

Diverse Art Career Pathways: Explore a wide array of art-related careers, from being a practicing visual artist, graphic designer, curator, art handler, or running an artist residency to running a gallery. Our program is designed to cater to various interests, ensuring every participant discovers their unique art-related career niche.

Learning While Earning: Participants not only gain valuable insights and hands-on experience in their chosen field, but also receive compensation for their time and dedication. This program instills a strong work ethic and financial responsibility, setting the stage for a successful future. Participants are paid $18.50 per hour for 12 hours of work for each of the five program weeks.

Transferable Skills: Beyond artistic proficiency, our curriculum emphasizes the development of transferable skills essential for success in both college and the workforce. Participants will enhance their communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities, preparing them for a range of professional environments.

Top-Tier Mentors and Supervisors: Connect with industry leaders and professionals who have reached the pinnacle of their respective fields. Our participants will benefit from one-on-one mentorship and guidance, gaining unique insights into the intricacies of successful careers in the arts.

MoAD Teaching Artists Collaboration: Collaborate with skilled Teaching Artists from the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) to elevate your artistic abilities. Work closely with these experts to refine your craft and gain inspiration for your final project.

Final Project Showcase: Culminate your apprenticeship experience by working on a final project that aligns with your chosen arts career pathway. This project serves as a tangible representation of your growth and creativity, showcasing your newfound skills and passion.

Networking Opportunities: Build lasting connections within the Bay Area arts community through weekly workshops led by local arts leaders. Establish relationships with professionals and peers, creating a supportive network that extends beyond the duration of the program.

MoAD Summer Apprenticeship Program for Teens is not just a summer job—it's a steppingstone toward a future filled with artistic accomplishment and professional success. Join us for a transformative experience that will shape your creative journey and set the stage for a fulfilling career in the arts.

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