We Love the Light with Dr. Nia Imara
In-person at MoAD
Jul 8, 2023
2:00 pm
3:15 pm
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In We Love the Light, artist and astrophysicist Nia Imara leads us on a dynamic, lyrical, light-filled exploration of the universe. Through art and music, she tells a story of how we live on a small, rocky planet orbiting an ordinary star, which is just one of billions of stars flying around in the Milky Way—which, in turn, is one of countless galaxies in the universe. We Love the Light is a story about how our relationship to the cosmos and to one another can be understood from the unique vantage point at the crossroads of art and science. It is a story of how light is fundamental to life.

Long before the invention of telescopes, our ancestors could look up into the sky to contemplate the patterns and mysteries of the cosmos. From rainbows, to eclipses of the sun, to stars in distant galaxies, light makes it possible for us to explore and understand nature. Today, astronomers use cutting-edge technology to take pictures of the universe—planets, exploding stars, galaxies...and even black holes—pictures that allow us to see nature in entirely new ways. Artists, meanwhile, use light and color to communicate emotion and deeper metaphors about the mystery of life. Filled with stunning images and music, We Love the Light is a celebration of the cosmos, Black culture, and the power of art to bring people together.

Artist and astrophysicist Nia Imara uses her work to express her love of color, people, and their stories. An oil painter inspired by literature and black culture, Dr. Imara is also an astronomy professor who explores the mysteries of star birth in the Milky Way and other galaxies throughout the universe. Her public presentations on the intersection of art, science, and culture have been received by audiences at venues around the country. Imara is the founder/director of Onaketa, a nonprofit organization that provides free STEM tutoring, scholarships, and other educational resources for Black and brown children.

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