Workshop Series | Submerged: Experiencing Art Through the Senses

May 4, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Zoom Room

Submerged: Experiencing Art Through the Senses is a workshop series hosted by Gold Beams.

Tune in on the first Tuesday of the month for an interactive workshop exploring how we interact with art using different senses. Submerged is a three-part series, with each event focusing on a different sense: hearing, sight, and vestibular (movement). Each program is stand-alone, so you’re welcome to join for all three or just attend an individual event.

For the second workshop in the series, join Maud Alcorn and Tayleur Crenshaw, the Co-Founders of Gold Beams, as they embark on a visual journey through music videos, film, and photos. We will examine the emotional response our eyes deliver to us when we see art, and how it deeper connects us to it. We start with a free write focused on 5 photos and paintings, and the immediate emotions that come up for us when we see them. Then we will preview snippets from 2 silent films, and discuss as a group the ways in which we still feel the emotions they are portraying. We will end with discussing how what we see informs what we feel, and the different ways this can impact us. Attendees should bring a notebook, something to write with, and links to some of their favorite visual art.

Meet Gold Beams Co-Founders: Maud Alcorn and Tayleur Crenshaw 

Tayleur and Maud are two artists from opposite coasts. Tayleur is a spoken word artist, writer and creator from Westchester, New York.  She’s a Howard alumna and has worked for brands like Gap, AARP and Banana Republic. Maud is also a spoken word artist, a published author, and has worked and written for brands like Yelp, TV Guide, and Essence.

The two met performing in Oakland’s open mic scene. Maud and Tayleur met later again at a monthly arts event, now known as Second Mondays, hosted by Tayleur in her apartment.  The event outgrew the apartment and into a venue by its 5th event.  Since then, Maud and Tayleur have been curating events, experiences, programming and productions for thousands of Black creatives and their Black community at large through their brand, Gold Beams. Everything they do is done to see their people happy and to support Black creatives making careers from their art.

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