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Ashley Ross


On view
Dec 14, 2022
Mar 5, 2023

10/27/03 is a body of work by artist, Ashley A. Ross that surveys the ways in which experiential dualities can exist within the confines of a religious upbringing. Intertwining allegorical photographic imagery, this exhibition uses portraiture and personal familial memorabilia to illustrate ideas about indoctrination and legacy within the Black familial structure. Whether it's through visual allegories or the artist’s personal explorations of religion or family, each photographic work represents the process of rumination and memory when confronting one’s own former religious experience.

The works included in the exhibition are staged black and white photographs juxtaposed alongside documents from the artist's personal archive. The results of this comparison are the visual re-imaginings of the artist as a child and the metaphorical depiction of the artist’s understanding of her parents' relationship to one another, their religious beliefs, and how those beliefs intersect with the artist’s upbringing.

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