Salimatu Amabebe


Co-curated by Salimatu Amabebe & Key Jo Lee
September 27, 2023
December 10, 2023


In SON, Salimatu Amabebe opens the door to reconsider the relationship between home, memory, and metamorphosis. The deep red interior, reminiscent of blood, invites reflections on the domestic space as one of close kinship ties, yet subject to dynamic change. The pewter casts in the space draw from the artist’s personal archive to preserve but also to probe the inherited lessons from his father including masculinity & movement. We observe how the inexactness of repetition acts as a productive improvisation of self-creation. Such gaps demonstrate how the memories we hold in our bodies enable performative acts of transfiguration& imagination.

SON is Amabebe’s first solo museum exhibition.

Co-curated by Salimatu Amabebe & Key Jo Lee, Chief of Curatorial Affairs & PublicPrograms at MoAD.

Text by Luke Williams, Emerging Artists Program Fellow.

Click here to view artist bio film: Salimatu Amabebe - SON

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