Unruly Navigations

Curated by Key Jo Lee
March 27, 2024
September 1, 2024
Second Floor Gallery


Curated by Key Jo Lee, chief of curatorial affairs and public programs, Unruly Navigations testifies to the urgent, disorderly, rebellious, and nonlinear movements of people, cultures, ideas, religions, and aesthetics that define diaspora. Whether it is one of Haitian-born ceramicist and painter Morel Doucet's delicate porcelain busts, vanessa german's provoking multimedia sculptures, or Jamaican sculptor Nadine Natalie Hall's hand-molded paving blocks made of sugar, coconut, water, and peanuts, this exhibition's twenty-two artworks and four site-specific installations capture multidimensional trajectories through time, across geographies, and through complex spiritual landscapes. In doing so, they augment and deepen, and at times, completely refute, conventional accounts of diasporic experience which have historically misrepresented, mischaracterized, and misplaced stories from the perspective of the enslaved, the forcibly displaced, or otherwise disenfranchised.

Participating artists:

Nafis M. White

Nadine Natalie Hall

M. Scott Johnson

Samuel Levi Jones

Winfred Rembert

Myrlande Constant

Vanessa German

Morel Doucet


Anina Major

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