Cultural Critic-In-Residence



Launched in January 2023, MoAD’s Cultural Critic-in-Residence program connects film, scholarship, visual and pop culture in an exciting and novel approach. The Museum’s inaugural Cultural Critic-in-Residence is acclaimed filmmaker, author, and scholar, Dr. Artel Great.

Dr. Great is an intellectual and creative force who transcends boundaries and defies conventional categorization. His publically-engaged scholarship contributes to the production of knowledge in Black cinema and visual culture and Black cultural theory.

Through this residency, Dr. Artel Great engages filmmakers, historians, scholars, media experts, artists, and cultural producers and local, national and international audiences through virtual and in-person programming.

His film lecture series, SOUL CINEMA: 1970s Black Film & Culture explores the highly contested, compelling, influential, and often misunderstood expansion of Black cinema during the 1970s.

Beginning in the late 1960s, focusing on the emergence of the Black Power movement, this series charts the cultural changes taking place in American society and the industrial changes occurring in Hollywood that eventually led to the birth of a new style of Black cinema in the 1970s.

Participants will gain a broad understanding of the historical, political, social, cultural, and stylistic issues that defined America during this significant transitional period, while connecting selected films to important examples of 1970s popular culture, including music, sports, and television.

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