Museum Policies

We want the MoAD museum experience to be safe and comfortable for everyone — and we need your help to make it happen.

Click here to read MoAD’s Health Safety Plan before you visit the museum

Please respond to all requests from museum staff and comply with the following rules:

Safety and security

  • Silence your mobile phones and electronic devices.
  • Do not touch the art.
  • Do not smoke anywhere in the building.
  • Food or beverages are not permitted in the second or third floor galleries.

During your visit, a member of the MoAD security team may remind you of these rules. Your cooperation will help make the museum a safe, welcoming space, and preserve the art for others to enjoy.


  • Non-flash photography is permitted except where expressly noted by signage.
  • The use of tripods, flashes, and video cameras is strictly prohibited.
  • Photos may be taken for personal, non-commercial use only, except where special written permission is granted.


Drawing or sketching with pencils only is permitted in the museum.