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LECTURE & DEMONSTRATION with Bobi Cespedes | Manos De Mujeres en la religión Yoruba

April 7, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
$10 Advanced Purchase | $15 Door

13th Annual CubaCaribe Festival and MoAD present

Lecture/Demonstration with Bobi Cespedes | Manos De Mujeres en la religión Yoruba

Bobi Cespedes, (acclaimed folkloric singer, dancer and percussionist, recording artist, storyteller, priestess and Iyanifa, accomplished historian, lecturer, and cultural arts teacher.) will delve into how women and femininity play a central and vital role in Yoruba religion both by themselves and within their relationships with the male orishas. It is significant that the supreme being and creator, Olorun or Olodumare, is gender-neutral (and leaning female in her role as creator of the universe) and it was believed there was harmony in the world when masculinity and femininity was balanced.  When they were unbalanced there was chaos. The importance of women can be seen in the powerful female orishas, Yemayá, Oshún, Oyá and Obba, found in the pantheon of Santería through oral traditions, rituals, ceremonies, and rhythms.

$10 Advanced Purchase | $15 Door

The 13th Annual CubaCaribe Festival, March 30-April 7, 2017, will feature nine days of Caribbean dance and music performances, seven world premiere performances, master classes, film screenings, lectures and celebrations at two different San Francisco venues, Brava Theater and Museum of African Diaspora. The CubaCaribe Festival has been highly acclaimed for being the only festival to present popular, contemporary and folkloric cultural expression, religion, history, and politics of the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora. This years Festival, entitled Manos De Mujeres, will delve into the complex role of women, it will highlight and honor the important work of women and their powerful hands that have and continue to sustain us. More at